EvolutionServer started in the IT departments of some very prominent
Logistics and Freight Forwarding organizations around Miami.

Then, as years passed, we grew into other sectors like health care, golf courses, hotels,
parts distributors, manufacturing, real state to name a few.

Our clients grew too, giving us the possibility to expand our coverage to
more than 15 countries in South America and Europe.
Companies that need solutions for daily IT needs, were the foundation of our organization.

Today we aim to be the premier provider of IT Solutions for your company.

Our Services include

Helpdesk and IT services designed to meet the particular demands of any industry.

Administration, upgrade and migration of applications, networks and systems.

Implementation of virtual private networks and remote work.

Publishing of applications and systems for remote users.

Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Teams communication servers.

Voice over IP and virtual PBX systems.

SPAM filtering and email protection service.

Database administration (SQL, MySQL, PSQL).

Centralized antivirus administration and reporting.

Staffing services, we not only provide you with an IT professional but with a whole internal network of people dedicated to help each other on many different technologies.

Data protection and backup services.

Colocation for servers and systems at our datacenter located in Miami, Florida.

Website and Email hosting.

Systems Virtualization, Virtual Servers and more…

Today’s IT challenges are unique on many levels
and present the necessity of having a very flexible IT department.
We will help your business in building an infrastructure that is easy to implement and maintain by providing innovative and proven solutions to those challenges.
We are the natural choice to keep your IT department running at peak efficiency.